Advertising that works

Our ‘Tired of Being Tired” outdoor campaign awakened sales for Floradix Liquid Iron by 20%.


You may recognise the poster and press advert which has been used in cities all over the UK and on the London Underground.

The examples below demonstrate how hard work in crafting the right copy, design and photography can bring great sales rewards.

Business to business success

Our creative trade advertisements increased sales enquiries hugely this year.


Creating something interesting out of the everyday can make a big difference to how much attention your target audience pay.

  These trade advertisements for Reginox UK caused a spike in product enquiries this year for new product lines.

Printed promotion that sells

Having a great product is only one part of the selling mix. Creating the right impression to potential customers is vitally

important. Having professionally designed literature and graphics can help you increase your companies awareness

and help to generate sales. Jo Bird & Company and Gilcrest Manufacturing - just two companies which we have helped recently.

Our forte is print based marketing - branding, advertising, corporate literature, exhibition graphics, packaging and point of sale.

Many years of industry success shows that we know what we are doing. We wouldn’t be here now if we didn’t succeed at what we do.


Here are just a few of the many companies we have worked with:

Dreamland Breville, EDF Man Liquid Products, Artline Stamper, Atul Europe, Sycamore Lighting, Agri-Lloyd,

Freshpack Limited, Asco Numatics, Natural Medicine Company (Ireland), E.A.R Cabot Safety

Why settle for being just another customer

waiting in the queue when you can become

one of Prism’s most important clients?